Marine hydraulics for your super yacht,
your family launch and anything
that floats in between

  • Do you need a repair, some maintenance, a routine service or a complete overhaul of your marine hydraulics?
  • Do you need to source spare parts?
  • Are you planning a new hydraulic system and need a robust design, quality components, expert installation and timely commissioning for a particular marine application?

You have found a company that can handle all these aspects in a professional, cost-effective and timely manner.

  Be prepared now and avoid surprises at sea!

Be prepared now and avoid surprises at sea!

Marine Hydraulic Systems


Marine Hydraulics Ltd specialise in the hydraulics systems of boats of any size, from super yachts to your family launch. We are based at Orams Marine Village, at Westhaven in Auckland. Orams offers complete marine services, and we are the ONLY marine hydraulics specialists in Auckland. And if you can’t come to us, we will support you anywhere in the South Pacific or Australia.

So delegate your hydraulics problem to the experts.
Marine Hydraulics... it’s all we do!

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