Why choose Marine Hydraulics Ltd for your hydraulic solutuions?

Marine Hydraulics Ltd specialise in:

installing, repairing, maintaining, servicing
and overhauling marine hydraulic
components and systems

from Rexroth (Bosch Rexroth), Parker (Parker Hannifin), Danfoss and Vickers (Eaton) as well as most other suppliers of quality hydraulic systems and components from around the world.

We know that you need a quality job, one which uses quality components and materials, is completely clean, and which is on time (whether that is overnight or over a period). We guarantee that is exactly what you will receive with Marine Hydraulics Ltd.

See our Services page for further details.

Be prepared now and avoid surprises at sea!

With Marine Hydraulics you can rest easy  

With Marine Hydraulics Ltd you can rest easy because...

We have the experience and skills to diagnose and repair any problem.
Stu has developed an uncanny sixth sense for diagnosis of those really tricky hydraulic faults, perhaps ones that you have struggled with for years. If you really have a challenge, ask for Stu in person.

We guarantee all our work.
In the very unlikely event of something going wrong with either a new system we have installed, or a repair we have undertaken, we will fix it at our own cost. Naturally we will fairly assess the situation and cause of the problem. Our normal guarantee is around 6 months, yet we have stood by our guarantee for up to 18 months at times.

We are insured with fully comprehensive Ship Builders Insurance.
This means we are covered for any size boat and for any event in our working environment. View our current certificate here.

We have strong working relationships and contacts throughout the industry, in New Zealand and overseas.
This means that we can make things happen when they need to.

We understand the need for super cleanliness, quality and attention to detail.
We take ultimate care and apply all the principles we have learned, on our many super yacht projects, to your job – whether a super yacht or a family launch. You will be impressed, even when you expect nothing less.

New Zealand may be a small country but we sure know our boats.
From our America’s Cup winning Team New Zealand to our vibrant boat building industry to our world-class regattas to the thousands of pleasure craft in every port and marina, we are a nation who lives by and on the sea. We therefore have the infrastructure and skills in place to provide quality services for your boat, whatever its size and wherever it is you sail from in the world.